Busy and blessed week


What a busy, busy and blessed week ….

1. Just got my brand new professional, commercial grade heat press in and pressed my first onesies with it …. it is amazing and makes a totally clean and perfect pressing!

2. Special delivery of a huge box of the heavy duty natural canvas cotton totes for the Petralirium line.  I can’t wait to paint the Antique-Art-Chic images on them!

3. The Biwa pearls just arrived and oh are they luscious and beautiful, so many gorgeous colors to coordinate with on the Petralirium Totes and scarfs!

4.  Koozies, koozies and koozies ….. a huge case of 500 crisp white koozies just arrived and are waiting to be sublimated with custom ordered images or our 1000+ Antique-Art-Chic images! What a great deal, too … definitely expect the savings to be passed along to you!!  A great promotional item to use for your company, team, club, church …. the possibilities are endless!!

Now, if there were just more hours in the day to “play” with all these fun new items!!!  Can’t wait to get started!!!

Digging up some stuff!


I was the lead archaeologist in digging up the largest Cogged Stone cache ever to be found in the whole world, 18 in total. These enigmatic magico-religious totem artifacts are only found in two places throughout the whole world, both places being high atop a coastal bluff overlooking the ocean: Orange County, California, and Huentelauquen and Quebrada Las Conchas in Chile. It is these rare, enigmatic artifacts which inspired my Petralirium line of original art accessories.

I’m so excited: I just got the professional, commercial grade transfer paper in today!!  All the months of research of digging through old documents and archives for the most amazing AntiqueArtChic images has finally paid off …… wow, it was almost just like a few years ago being an archaeologist!  Haha, seems like time a life ago because my life has changed so much since having my son, it’s such an amazing blessed life. <3